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Irregular Choice

Nicka Bocka Glory

  • "Who wants ice cream?" What's your flavor? Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry? You can have them all in these fanciful, uniquely designed Irregular Choice heels. Irregular Choice Limited Edition Exclusive Heels

    * Upper: multi-color glitter synthetic..
    * Sole: man made, pink, holographic snakeskin and checkerboard.
    * Lining: fabric.
    * Fabric bow details at front.
    * Buckle closure.
    * 3 1/2" heel.
    * Sizes listed are US.
    These originally come in European sizes that have been converted to US sizes in this way:


    Irregular Choice original. Women's shoe. Imported.

  • All sizes are listed in US unless otherwise noted.

    Please refer to size chart as a general guideline to help you decide on the right size.

    Because sizing and fit can vary between brands we have provided a standard conversion. Specific brand conversions can be found in the description of the shoe so please check there first. We've also listed the different brand conversions below the Standard Size Conversion Chart. Please contact us at customerservice@aberrantsole.com if you have specific sizing questions or would like more information. We'll respond right away! How to measure:
    • Measure the length of your foot (heel to toe) by standing on a tape measure or ruler.
    • Record the measurement in centimeters (cm).
    • Select a size from the standard size conversion chart (listed below) that best matches your foot measurement.
    • Note: the chart is only a guide and may vary from brand to brand because there is no universally accepted size chart.