World's First Ever Spinning Ballerina Heels

WORLD'S FIRST EVER SPINNING BALLERINA HEELS! We are delivering you the first pair of shoes with a ballerina in the heel. Yes, an actual ballerina that spins around to sweet charming music! Just wind her up and around and around she goes! Be part of Irregular Choice and Aberrant Sole's history by owning a pair of these. Irregular Choice keeps pushing the limits to bring us the most seriously, fun and adorable heels! These Limited Edition Glissade Ballerina heels are just what you need. You get major doses of fun from the heel to the bottom of the soles and even the BOX! Everyone looking to stand out from the rest has to have at least one or plenty of Irregular Choice shoes to make their closet complete. Shop now at   irregular_choice_ballerina_slider_3   irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_1 irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_2 irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_4 irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_5 irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_6 irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_7 irregular_choice_glissade_ballerina_blue_8

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