Irregular Choice Wisker Shoes

Hello, Retro. We know you have too much character to be defined, so we have the perfect shoe for you. The Wiskers have been such a popular shoe because of the off-the-wall tapestry prints. Style expert and designer Dan Sullivan has really outdone himself. He understands the science of high heel shoes and that they should be as rare as the woman donning them. This ornate pair of high heels will surely embrace your unusual side. The unmistakable silhouette of Irregular Choice pumps makes the statement you expect designer shoes to express. The utmost attention to detail was given to the overall design of these shoes. The golden cat embellishment alongside the carefully positioned bow makes this pair of ladies’ shoes only for the charming and curious. Gold trim and floral prints make the world just a little bit brighter. A stately pearl also adorns these shoes for a touch of extra style. There is enough neutrality in the world and someone has to bring the intensity! Reward those little toes that help carry you everywhere… after all what’s a lioness without Wiskers? The mary jane strap adds class and the creative style of the shoe makes it perfect for day or night. Are we infatuated with style? Yes. If it were up to us, all shoes for women would be this sumptuous. These are the things that make sidewalks happy. 5614-1-xl

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