Penny Loves Kenny Shoes

Ah, the classic penny loafer… with a lively, new twist. It’s no longer challenging to buy shoes online when your style requirements are met.  Penny Loves Kenny created a pastel tinted penny loafer pump with metallic accents. The Laraine shoe keeps to the typical form of penny loafers but the unexpected colors add bubbly edginess. A perfect blend of drama and sophistication all wrapped up in a pair of women’s pumps. At Aberrant Sole we provide shoes for women who like to disturb the status quo. Maybe you’re a little unconventional… shout to the world your quirky, eccentric side without saying a word!   Take your outfit from classic to electrifying with one stunning pair of pumps. Attention to detail around the faux buckle, plus the layers of glossy color make these one of a kind. The Laraine integrates transparent spectators into the design, a rare feature for platform loafers. Ever-changing trends don’t have to be intimidating! Easy to slip on, cushioned platforms can save the season.   Shoes that demand attention don’t have to share the stage. Nothing releases the lioness within like a ferocious pair of shoes. Style can be a demanding part of life but it doesn’t have to be difficult. These funky chunks pull at your trendy heartstrings like loafers never have before. Take your office look to new heights or make your evening wear more noteworthy with Laraine pumps. Platforms are here to stay ladies.   pklaraine   pklaraine4  

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