Miista, Miista

Miista has stolen our heart with their AW13 collection. Miista boots and flats contain the perfect print, colors and Lucite heel. These designer shoes are the perfect addition to the Aberrant Sole collection. miistadeboranavy Miista Pumps: Debora Navy miistaamayaprintperfect   Miista Boots: Amaya Print Perfect PAGE-11   Miista Flats: Zoe Blue Iridescent Photography: Philip Meech Art direction: Miista Styling: Marie-Louise Von Haselberg Hair: Daniel McCourt @ Vidal Sassoon Makeup: Nat Van Zee Real flower headpieces created by Lara Jensen for Miista           amayaprintperfect Amya Print Perfect - Miista Boots   deboranavy   Debora Navy - Miista Pumps       miistazoe2 Zoe Blue Iridescent - Miista Flats   Shop Miista here:

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