Designer Shoes - Taken to Another Level - The Ballerina Who Wore Knives for Shoes

This is the best dancing we've seen in a long time...because the shoes are totally amazing and we held our breath as we watch this ballerina brave dancing on butcher knives in this short film by Javier Perez entitled En Puntas. Check out the photos and the film. 1-Javier-Pérez-En-Puntas-2013-600x899 en-puntas-ballerina-performs-with-knife-shoes-javier-perez-3 en-puntas-ballerina-performs-with-knife-shoes-javier-perez-7 en-puntas-ballerina-performs-with-knife-shoes-javier-perez-2 Credit: Javier Pérez   We think these go beyond designer shoes and as amazing as the Julian Hakes Mojito shoes. Check those out here:

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